Fresh Baked

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Post-Party Recap

I am Exhausted. Ex-to the-Haus-to the-Ted. Seriously. And I even took yesterday off because of the much-needed sleep.

To recap, briefly:

- I left work early on Friday to kick-start the weekend of Crazy. And it helped, too. I got a lot of last-minute 'oh, crap! I forgot chhheeeeeeesssseeeeeeeee!' things done. Then A called and turned into a knight on a stallion, offering to make my cake and roll enchiladas for me. Looooove. HUGE load off my mind and I was able to pick up meggy d from the airport with a few less weights on my shoulders. (and, hello?! she started a blog when she was here-- how cool is she?)

- Saturday: D(T)-day, started about 5 hours too soon. But was, ultimately, I think, a success. The keg went dry a little too soon, but a beer run was made in good time, and there was more food than you can ever imagine. I think I used about 2 1/2 trays of food out of the 7 I made. Leftovers, anyone? And, the duct tape!! OH, the DUCT TAPE!! There is no way I can explain how great everyone was to play nice-nice to the birthday girl by dressing up in non-breathable, super-sticky materials in the middle of a summer's afternoon. They are, without reservation, the GREATEST friends a girl could have.

- Sunday: Again, waaay too early with the 1 o'clock baseball game. And with the US Open in town, downtown HB would have been a mess to get into the Sugar Shack for breakfast. Which is a damn shame, because the Sugar Shack is some good eats. But anyway, the hometown Angels won the game and I personally think its because they love me. Really. Thanks, guys.

-There is no way this post is complete with out pictures. Stay tuned, kiddos. And thanks for all the love.