Fresh Baked

Friday, August 06, 2004

Meet Your Guest Bloggers

And, now... Live from California-- its your Gggguuuuuueeeeessssst Bloggers!

DEM I AM is a recently engaged asskicker who is up to date on all Martha Stewart's good things. She is also a loving mother to Ginger and, of course, she is not inappropriate!

LEO is a successful esquire by day and up and coming, but starving, Van Gogh by night. He makes a mean civil liberties punch and enjoys ass & radishes.

JACK is a freelance historian. In his spare time, he often finds himself on a campsite sippin' Pabst, Trapped in a Purple Haze, and more often than not: Medium Pimpin'

That's it from me, folks. I'll be back in a week to check on how things are going. Enjoy the veal, tip your waiters.