Fresh Baked

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Game Time

We have our first volleyball game in 45 minutes. I was sitting here at my desk not worrying (or doing much of anything) and then Hudson had to go and remind me that we're gonna take a stomping soon. So now I'm sitting here giving my knees a pep talk and she's in the back, trying not to puke like she's Doug Dorsey. Toooooee piiiick!!

Also-- we decided yesterday that we weren't so much a 'uniform' team, yet when I came in today, I was told I needed a white shirt. Which I didn't have with me. Oliver, to the rescue! Dude is rad-- he brought me two shirts (in case I didn't like one), my bandana, a towel, the bracelet I dropped on my way out this morning, and half a donut. Ha!!