Fresh Baked

Friday, August 06, 2004

Fam-damn Vay-cay

That's the fam on vacation last year after the six of us decided to hike Half Dome. Oh, Half Dome, you beautiful siren... you lured us in with your promise of a sunny hike and beautiful scenery and family togetherness. You dirty, dirty bitch. The Cliffs notes (oh, I kill me): 17 hours. On a rock. In the woods. In the dark. In pain. (And I am seriously rockin' some unfortunate hair in that picture. I'm going to pretend it was post-nap, post-wind tunnel, post-hallucinogenic. You do the same.)

Tomorrow we're going to Canada to spend a week with Eia who is working on Prince Edward Island for the summer. We're staying in a lighthouse! Take bets now on how often I'll Be Your Candle On the Water and other Passamaquoddy-inspired songs will be sung. (Hint: Over a Gazillion.)

But, Hark! Who will blog for me in my absence? Fear not, for I have recruited some very awesome non-bloggers to handle this super-sized task. Jack, Leo, and dem i am have all agreed to put their individually giant minds into a collective effort to regale you with tales both large and small.

We'll work on introductions later. Its CYA-time right now.