Fresh Baked

Monday, August 16, 2004

Don't Call it A Comeback


I am back from my week of hammock lounging, lighthouse staying, and ice cream eating. It was tough work, I tell you.

A mighty, mighty thank you to the Bloggers of Guest for their entries in my stead and a plea for y'all to start your own so I can read more without having to go out of town again. You 3 are Niiiiiiice and Lovely.

I'm starting the recap with pictures because they're the most handy and require less thinking on my part. As planning goes, I thought I had it down:

8 days;
7 rolls of film;
2 cameras (1 digital, 1 SLR);
2 extra batteries, just in case;
1 oversized bag that is great for camera protection and film haulage, but really inconvenient for packing.

But here's the thing-- all the batteries? Were duds. I got one shot off with the SLR and about 30 with my digital before I had to store everything in that pain in the ass bag and use Oliver's camera. Do you know how long it took for me to take all those pictures? About 2 hours.


But, in case you want to see those two hours? Try this... Cape d'Or Lighthouse

I've decided to go this route as a quick fix because I don't have the Hello software installed on all the computers I use... and hopefully this makes the page easier to load in case you're working on a Computersaurus (Eia). Let me know if you like it.

(and why doesn't the blogger spell check acknowledge blogger as a word? Fellas? You might want to check that out.)