Fresh Baked

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This past weekend, I made myself a LONG list, complete with sub-lists and sub-sub-lists, of things to do. For I am very busy and important. I even woke up early on Sunday to get a head start on these, too. My brain, however, was less than functioning and I was very easily distracted by anything shiny or pretty or soft. And even some things that weren't.

  • Get up. Grab my wallet and go to the bank.

  • Huh... my ATM card isn't in this wallet. Right. Well then...

  • OOhhh!! Starbucks!! Have huge mental block when it comes to what I say order-- Venti? Large? Damnit, Chris.

Lets try this again.

  • Get up. Grab my wallet and go to Starbucks.

  • Go home and motivate. Lots of stuff to do.

  • Get a call from Mom... she needs keys. Grab keys and then wallet, for second attempt at the bank, head out to meet her.

  • On the way there, realize its the wrong wallet. Again.

  • Target! Target will fix my head. Target fixes everything.

  • Forget every damn thing on my Target list the second I walk in the door, except for mouthwash.

  • Leave Target unsatisfied. A rare and sad experience.

  • Drive by the bank, cursing.

  • Go home, and try to motivate. Still have not done any of the things needed.

  • Go shopping with Mom. Borrow money from her since I still haven't been to the bank and Starbucks and Target took all I had left.

  • Go home and motivate.

  • 5 hours later, start everything I had to do that day. Go to bed late, late, late and wake up crabby the next day.

As of today, two days later? I still haven't gone to the bank and the list remains unfinished.