Fresh Baked

Monday, July 19, 2004

Sitting Dog, Part Doo

Of all the conversations I had with the owners before they left, I think this was my favorite:

Them: "You can take her for a walk in the mornings if you'd like, but keep her away from other dogs."
Me: "Oh, does she not like them?"
Them: "She will eat them."

(Go ahead and guess how many times she got walked. Those who say anything other than ZERO are delirious.)

As you can see, she's not a small dog, so I'd have to be mighty strong to hold her back from eating another dog. And while she doesn't look super friendly, she really is... a little too friendly on Saturday night, though, when she climbed on top me and started humping my leg. Pay attention to the nails on her right paw-- those were the ones that dug the fuck into my thigh, so don't be surprised to see bits of flesh hanging around. Damn that hurt.

And to the jackhole who called at 6:30 on Sunday morning? I will find you. And I will hurt you. A lot.

But overall? The dog-sitting weren't too bad, actually.