Fresh Baked

Friday, July 16, 2004

Mail, Mutha Fucka!

This week has been forever long. Seriously. FOREVER. By Wednesday I was finished with it and wanted to throw Thursday and Friday away. There have been a few highlights, but mostly its been looking at the clock at 2:46 and then looking at it again, 20 minutes later, when its 2:47. Forever.

But, since this week has been so very long and uneventful, the highlights stand out even more. Such as...

-Ben & Jerry's has brought back the dairy-heroin (dair-oin) Oatmeal Cookie Crunch. Its for a limited time only, so go get your fix while the dealer has stock.

- And I finished my CD. Yup... I just got out of the recording studio and boy is my larynx tired. No. For the past year or so, every month I compile all the songs I've been listening to and make a CD. On months when I don't have enough material to make a full CD, I'll wait and do two months at once, which drives me CRAZY with the waiting and by then, I have too much for one disc and they're never my best efforts. And while all this is fascinating, why don't I just tell you what's on the CD?

Broken/ Seether
Vindicated/ Dashboard Confessional
Cold Hard Bitch/ Jet
Scotty Doesn't Know/ Lustra (from Eurotrip)
Mother/ Danzig
Ch-Check It Out/ Beastie Boys
My Band/ D12
Date Rape/ Sublime
Shit Towne/ Live
Are You Gonna Be My Girl/ Jet
Sell Out/ Reel Big Fish
Where did you go/ Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The New Year/ Death Cab for Cutie
Hallelujah/ Rufus Wainwright
This Grudge/ Alanis Morissette
Angel Pumping Gas/ The Postal Service
Float On/ Modest Mouse
Take Me Out/ Franz Ferdinand
Rockin' the Suburbs/ Ben Folds
Musicology/ Prince

A lot of these are really random and could probably use some explaination. But I'm not really in the mood to do that right now. One thing I will say? As I was driving into work this morning I realized it was finally Friday and Hallelujah came on and it was damn near perfect... which it will be if it happens again on my way home.

Happy Friday!!