Fresh Baked

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Better than an Umbrella!

The best part about this story is the fact that there are photographs to go along with it, so I'll keep the exposition down. Friday turned out to be a fun, drunken night. Bar-hopping, stolen shots, and a bacelorette party that we weren't a part of but they left us with wonderful prizes anyway (Note: my prize was the best because Balls! and the creepiest because Veins!):

Ah! L'amour!

I don't know... write your own caption here.

There are few things funnier than putting a straw with a penis-shaped topper on it into a guys drink in a bar when he's not looking. The confusion on their faces is beautiful because, not only is there something in their drink, its a penis! And its happy to see them. We did extensive research on this subject that night-- this is just the only one I caught on camera.

And in the end, the guy who actually drank out of the straw won a kiss from MEEEEEE! They were brawling for that straw, let me tell you...