Fresh Baked

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

What Up, G?

No, really:
- Thanks to Zoot (Suit Riot. Riot!! If you see her, I recommend throwing back a bottle of beer.) for the Gmail invite. It's Ggreat and I Glove it. (Heh.)
- I miss my sister. She's been gone for most of this year already and now she'll be in Canada for the summer. It's been 19 days so far-- only 3 more months to go!!

TV Commentary:
Poker: Lauren Graham is a hustlah! Man, she was slick. I'm looking forward to the final now because I think there will be some good bantering with her and MIB.
Joe Schmo: Sorry 'bout your luck there, Ernie, but at some point all our wicks go cold. I didn't think this this elimination was as funny as the pearl necklace one, but still, highly amusing. Also? I can't believe Ingrid, Captain Suspicious, is not calling this stuff out more. Ambrosia did a good job getting her to chill out a little, but still... they're taking this to the ridiculous!
MXC: If you're not watching MXC, what the hell are you waiting for?
Jeopary!: Ken is awesome. I cannot believe the amount of knowledge that guy has stored in his brain.

Of note:
- Michael Flatley is on the’s Celebrity 100 as number 75... under Magician. This must be because of his magical use of baby oil and not his prestidigitation.