Fresh Baked

Saturday, June 05, 2004

This is your brain on; this is my brain off.

Things I think of at 5:30am (no sleep till Brooklyn):

-Harry Potter/Azkaban is great. I saw it tonight on IMAX and can't quite wrap my head around the appropriate words for the experience. Huge round of applause for all involved (especially the main actors who I like more as they grow up)

-Had I not gone to see HP, I would have been in bed four hours ago... warm, sweet bed...

-I think, if necessary, I would be able to put two whole Twinkies (tm) in my mouth at one time. I think one would be easy enough (I've never tried), but two might be a bit more of a challenge. But a challenge I'm willing to face. (and this, on the heels of Holz's decree)

-What the hell am I doing here? This isn't my bed-- I want my pillow!