Fresh Baked

Thursday, June 17, 2004

So Dry. So Clean.

Fascinating opening line: I went to pick up my dry cleaning this evening after work. More info? I had to turn the dress in because I wore it while drunk and demonstrating all sorts of stupid drunken behavior. It's a ticketable offense, made more unforgivable given the occasion and the fact that the dress in question is not mine. So, I dropped the dress off under a great, shameful cloud. After all the pertinent information was exchanged, we had this lovely little conversation:

"Can you make sure to get these spots here?"
"It would help if I knew what it was."
"Um... yeah... thats, um, puke."
(God. I felt like such a louse.)

Cut to today, 2 weeks later: I gave the lady my name, trying to keep my head low and pretending that I wasn't there for this reason. (I know this isn't a blue dress scandal, but still, it's something I'm not proud of.) She came back with my dress and while ringing me up mentioned little things she had noticed, all the while looking at me like I was one step away from rehab. The stains were stubborn, but she was able to get them out. Super, she remembers me. And beads on the collar? She replaced the one that I had somehow ripped out over the course of the evening. Great! Thanks! I had no idea that had even happened. Oh, and also? There was a tear above the slit on the side that she was able to repair. I am OVERJOYED to hear this! Please, tell me more!

Adding another layer of fun to this is the fact that I was on the phone when I went in there, something I generally consider rude but I feel like I have 'let me call you back in a sec'-d this friend too many times to hang up. (It's different if someone calls you while you're in there, though. Similar to the differences between 1st degree and premeditated murder.) I had to give the lady my name while trying not to focus too much on the fact that the speaker on my phone was up much too high and my friend was talking about bikini waxing.

Let me add Dry Cleaner to the list of places to which I am now thrilled to get back.