Fresh Baked

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Shit, cracked.

Movies: Dodgeball. Hilarious! I was all set to go to the gym last night when a friend called and I wound up at this movie instead. Ab work-out: covered. I laughed so much in that movie that I didn't need the gym. And when did Jason Bateman and I start dating and why did I not know about it?

TV: Joe Schmo 2 worked out the rest of my body as I flailed about in a pool of disbelief and humor. The boxes and sacks!! The Porked 'n Beans!! Ingrid's not buying any of it anymore-- she's so gone next week.

Reading: I Love Everybody (And Other Atrocious Lies): True Tales of a Loudmouth Girl. Laurie Notaro wrote about blowing a snot bubble out her nose that is almost the size of Christina Ricci's head... HA! Girl's forehead alone is GIGANTIC and its about time somebody made note of it.

Life: Yesterday I was stopped at a red light when I looked over at the car next to mine. A brand-spankin'-new BMW Z5, driven by a young model-woman who was perfectly made up, wearing designer shades, and a fatty diamond ring. The best part? In her hand was a stack of twenty dollar bills. Y'know, in case I didn't get it before.

Also: (My friend is psychic, too!) Dionne and I were in Dodgeball when, I kid you not, she makes a comment to me that is repeated on-screen, word-for-word, by one of the characters Five. Seconds. Later.