Fresh Baked

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The fine print

I just signed up for Netflixs and went absolutely crazy adding all these movies to my list. I ended with 88 titles in the queue and, signing out, read this: "Most customers add 6-10 movies to their Rental Queue during their first visit." Its like I just had myself 8-9 visits all at once! Phew, that sure saved a lot of time.

Also, on the subject of... reading things-- Social Security sent me a letter the other day and my favorite line read, "Your spouse and children will be eligible for a one-time only death bonus of...: Huh... one-time only? And here I was planning on kickin' the bucket at least twice.

Read the fine print, y'all. For one thing, its important, but it can also be amusing.