Fresh Baked

Monday, June 28, 2004

Dig me, I'm Trelawney

So the experience I had last week with Hudson was just one in a recent string of events that I seem to have prophesied. Another example? Last week I was watching Jeopardy! and answered an question (questioned an answer?) saying Barbara Boxer even though I knew it was nowhere near being close. Not three minutes later the phone rang. It was Barbara Boxer, calling to say she was PISSED! Okay, fine. It was an automated Barbara Boxer, probably calling to ask me to vote for something-or-other... I don't know. I hung up after hearing her name 'cause it freaked me out. But things like this have been happening a lot lately and I have had it up to HERE with the coincidence (and because one of these times, somebody really is going to wind up in the ER).

And speaking of.. I'm very happy Maura Tierney won CPS (but I totally predicted she would). Not only because I was going to be named Maura, which would have made me happier than the name I wound up with, but because I loved her on News Radio. Excellent reasons for wanting someone to win, no? At least I wasn't basing it on something as superficial as charities. Très boring! But, on the downside, I will miss, very much, James Blake's sexy, sexy thumb. Damn sexy. Great cuticle.