Fresh Baked

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Cutting Back

I think I figured out the abounding carb-licious offerings: they're not for the Atkins-minded, they're for the people who are trying to eat with them. I went out the other night with a friend who is on Atkins and we had a bitch of a time coming up with something that we could split. We wound up getting something we both wanted, but it was a struggle to get to that point. Had there been some of the Atkin's stamped food nearby, I would have graciously given in to getting it for sanity/simplicities sake.

Also, isn't this weird? Everyday this week a member of my family had his/her hair cut. It was this crazy phenomena that nobody seemed to notice until this weekend.

Oliver, Chief and I display our new dos:

Just a little off the top...