Fresh Baked

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"Can anyone smell that? It's the infectious scent of love."

Joe Schmoe 2 is shaping up to be even more fantastic than the first one, unbelievable as that sounds. I think all the production members involved have decided to go so far over the top with it that the altitude has made them light-headed and, as a result, we get things like the 'falcon twist' (which I keep calling Falcon Crest) and Derek Newcastle, "The Pompous British Host" (Ralph Garman in disguise). This show is so great.

Best of all had to be the elimination ceremony, in which the 'bachelor' asks the girls he chooses to keep if he "may give [them] a pearl necklace." I was DYING. Dead, dead, dying, dead. I don't know how they all did it with such straight faces. I was pretty impressed with the group of actors at that point, but even more so with Cammy later, when Ingrid was telling the other girls that their speeches sounded rehearsed and Cammy said "thank you." Such an idiot-- well done! Hope they can keep it up.