Fresh Baked

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I would like to take a moment now to call "Bullshit" on the following:

-Aretha Franklin, the "Queen of Soul," lip syncing (a bad rendition of) the National Anthem at the Piston/Lakers game the other night. BULLSHIT, Aretha! And, if the lip syncing wasn't her choice, she should have, at the very least, hit the timing a little better.

-Coke, Ben & Jerry's, and everyone else who have given in to the Carb-tastic way of living. BULL. SHIT. Kids, you're eating ice cream and drinking coke-- if you want less carbs, give it up entirely or, alternately, don't eat/drink it all. Say it with me now: moderation. And Slim-Fast!! Diet Diet Slim Fast. I upgrade this to HORSESHIT.

-Myself. Self, you had quite a rant going, which caused this list to be born. I say Bullshit to you, self. BULLSHIT for not remembering all the things you were worked up about. Damnit.