Fresh Baked

Monday, June 14, 2004

Baseball, cell phones, and tiaras.

My weekend started off with a late and hectic exit from work on Friday night, but that madness didn't bother me for too long because I was going to a baseball game! I don't know why, but there is something about going into a stadium and watching baseball that makes me happy. In general, I don't follow baseball (okay, or most sports)-- don't have a favorite team (although I've been taught to hate the Yankees), don't keep track of the scores, wouldn't ever think sit down at home and watch a game, but man... I love going to see the teams play (overpriced beer and all). Also, the Angels have set up a sweet deal with Ticketmaster where season-ticket holders can sell back the seats they aren't going to be using to make them available to the public. I think that its awesome for all parties, and, since I purchased my tickets that way, I say a hearty thank you to the folks that gave me V512, row D, seats 5-8.

Saturday dawned with the promise of a new cell phone, and hopefully, one that worked. My now-old phone was experiencing technical difficulties with about every call I had-- the battery died, I lost a signal, a combination of both, and once when I answered, there was a loud screeching that only stopped when I pulled off the battery pack. Not fun at all. To keep this short because I'm sure you're just riveted, I got a new phone. I have service at home now! I can text message (which will be my downfall)! My battery stays charged! I am in love with this phone. We're going to run off into the sunset and set up bars called Energy.

And finally, yesterday. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I could, with little difficulty, get used to wearing a tiara. Back up: I'm having this party next month where all my guests have been asked to wear something made of duct tape. Strange? No-- perfect. I have started myself out by making a duct tape tiara and, for the record, it is RAD. I wore it all night (as you do) and again this morning when I was getting ready for work. I love it a little less than my new phone, but a lot, nonetheless.